• Salomon Benrimoh

    Salomon Benrimoh

    Journalist, University of British Columbia. Canadian Editor for the Typewriter International. Vancouver/Montreal

  • Elissa Mae

    Elissa Mae

    Author. Coffee Lover. All around nerd who loves to write! https://www.ellemaebooks.com/

  • Emily H

    Emily H

  • Ashley Gipson

    Ashley Gipson

  • Linda Kowalchek

    Linda Kowalchek

    Member of the typewriter and bottle of White-Out generation. Reach me at Linda.kowalchek@gmail.com

  • Em


    Medium Top Writer. Full-Time Freelancer. Storyteller.

  • N. Walker

    N. Walker

    Where I share and vent about all my favorite TV shows, books, and everything in between!

  • William Ballard, MBA

    William Ballard, MBA

    Freelance Writer, Author, and Content Marketing Strategist — Access “The Ultimate Book Marketing Plan for Self-Published Authors” https://bit.ly/3A2h52i

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